Breaking News: Kangei Maru Ready for Operations in April

The Kangei Maru, a whaling slaughter factory ship, will depart Shimonoseki on April 21st. Following its unveiling in Tokyo, it will begin operations off the coast of Hokkaido and other areas on the 25th.

Our Mission: Halting the Kangei Maru's Operations for Good

At, we are dedicated to confronting the dire reality of whaling and its devastating impact on marine ecosystems worldwide. Despite our domain name, we are proudly owned and operated by the Whale Defense Agency, at the forefront of non-violent anti-whaling efforts.
The New 'Kangei Maru' Whaling Mothership

The New 'Kangei Maru' Whaling Mothership

From engaging whaling ships at sea, to collecting intelligence and prop fouling – learn about what we do, how we do it and where we operate.
Our Work: Aggressive, Non-Violent Direct Action

Our Work: Aggressive, Non-Violent Direct Action

Our aggressive non-violent direct action prevented the killing of two minke whales, who would otherwise have died without our intervention
Take Action: Operation Antarctic Shield

Take Action: Operation Antarctic Shield

We can’t do it alone, that’s why we need your support to ensure success and a united front against the new Kangei Maru, both at sea and in the media.

Support Advanced Grassroots Anti-Whaling Efforts

Your contribution is crucial in our fight against the Kangei Maru and other threats to whales worldwide. This newly-built slaughter factory ship poses a significant danger to marine life, and your support will help us stop it at sea.
The Kangei Maru poses a real threat to whales worldwide. Newly built to slaughter whales and we need your support to stop the ship at sea.
Join Our Team
Join Our Team
Critical to advanced whale defense operations are our engagements, intelligence gathering and advanced anti-whaling tools. Join the Fight!
Give Monthly
Give Monthly
Monthly donations have a much larger impact than one-time donations because we can better plan operations at sea.
Whales Rely On Your Support For Their Protection

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Wherever we innovate, navigate and defend — the harpoons cease.

Our Work: Engaging The Whaling Operators

Witness our work first-hand as we engage whaling vessels and prepare for our upcoming Southern Ocean Anti-Whaling Campaign.
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Global & Southern Ocean Whale Defense Campaign Updates

With the new Japanese whaling slaughter house finished with construction, whales face a deadly, efficient, and destructive ship, the Kangei Maru.
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