The Whale Defense Agency and Captain Paul Watson Foundation

The Whale Defense Agency and Captain Paul Watson Foundation

The Whale Defense Agency (WDA)

Welcome to The Whale Defense Agency’s webpage, KangeiMaru.Org, dedicated solely to our mission of anti-whaling efforts and to oppose the Kangei Maru through a dedicated website. Founded by James Anderson, we are renowned as the leading aggressive, innovative, and non-violent anti-whaling non-governmental organization globally with a track record of directly engaging whaling ships at sea. Our singular focus is on safeguarding the world’s whale population from the detrimental impacts of whaling through cutting-edge tools, complex direct-action and groundbreaking R&D into new anti-whaling technologies, approaches and more. Our commitment lies in disrupting whaling operations worldwide to ensure the safety and conservation of whales. Out team has stopped whaling by merely just showing up, you can watch this footage here.

black whale in water during daytime

Captain Paul Watson Foundation (CPWF)

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation (CPWF), founded by Captain Paul Watson, operates with a broader agenda encompassing various marine conservation issues. While both organizations share a dedication to protecting marine life, including whales, CPWF’s initiatives span beyond anti-whaling efforts.

blue whale on sea

The Difference: Strictly Anti-Whaling (WDA) and CPWF Broad Agenda (CPWF)

As you explore our webpage, it’s important to note that while we and CPWF advocate for similar causes, we are separate entities with distinct missions. The Whale Defense Agency focuses exclusively on advanced, covert, public and complex anti-whaling activities as its only and primary mission worldwide, whereas CPWF addresses a wider range of marine conservation concerns such as whales, krill, fish, plastics, and more.

Thank you for visiting The Whale Defense Agency’s webpage and for your unwavering support in our anti-whaling endeavors. Together, we can continue make a significant impact in preserving our oceans.

The Kangei Maru whaling mothership is seen here on her voyage. Not to be confused with, which is a website run by the anti-whaling organization the as a form of long-term digital protest and a digital hub for anti-whaling campaigners.