Whale Defense Agency Seeks Patrol Vessel Donation For Southern Ocean Campaign

Whale Defense Agency Seeks Patrol Vessel Donation For Southern Ocean Campaign

Whale Defense Agency Seeks $5 Million Donation For Fight Against Whaling, Ship Donation To Confront Kangei Maru

In pursuit of our mission to protect the world’s whale population from the devastating effects of whaling, we are actively seeking a donation of a large vessel capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots, which we’ve found a few, along with a $5 million contribution to procure these vessels and retrofit vessels for our crucial operations. Remaining funds will be used to purchase additional ships if the funding is available after refitting the vessel we’ve located.

Founded by James Anderson, the WDA operates as the most aggressive, innovative, non-violent anti-whaling non-governmental organization globally. Our cutting-edge tools and groundbreaking R&D exemplify our commitment to implementing the most effective whale defense program on a global scale. The Whale Defense Agency is the leading authority in modern anti-whaling approaches, employing innovative tactics to disrupt whaling operations worldwide.

The Southern Ocean Campaign represents a pivotal frontline in our ongoing efforts to safeguard whales from the threats posed by whaling activities of the Japanese whaling fleet and their new mothership the Kangei Maru. With your support, we aim to deploy a dedicated patrol vessel equipped with state-of-the-art technology to monitor, intercept, and deter illegal whaling operations in these critical waters, and those around the world. This vessel will serve as a campaign hub at sea for whale conservation, ensuring their protection and conservation for future generations.

Donations received will be allocated towards acquiring and retrofitting vessels, outfitting them with advanced surveillance equipment, and supporting our dedicated team of experts tasked with executing strategic anti-whaling initiatives. Contributing to our cause, you will directly contribute to the preservation of marine biodiversity and the sustainability of our planet’s oceans.

“We believe in the power of collective action to effect positive change,” says James Anderson, Founder of the Whale Defense Agency. “We will make a tangible difference in the fight against whaling, and engage the whaling fleet with resources, ships, tools and capabilities that are unmatched anywhere in the world today. From engaging the ships over the horizon in excess of 2,800 nautical miles, to launching surveillance drones from these ranges, to more covert, advanced undersea operations, we are ready to defend whales and stop the Kangei Maru with the support of anti-whaling forces the agency has developed.” – James Anderson, Whale Defense Agency Founder & CEO.

Join us in our mission to defend whales from whaling. Your support is vital in our endeavor to innovate, navigate, and defend until the harpoons cease. For inquiries regarding donations or partnership opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].