The 60 Knot Anti-Poaching Vessel

The 60 Knot Anti-Poaching Vessel
To expand our work at sea, we developed an anti-poaching vessel (APV) over the last several years before our official founding in 2023!

The Ultimate Anti-Whaling Ship | The Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV) | Designed for Engaging The Kangei Maru and Other Whaling Operators

What We Do

Since 2023, the Whale Defense Agency (WDA) has been at the forefront of the fight against illegal whaling operations. We employ advanced technology and innovative strategies to protect marine life. Our efforts have led to the disruption of numerous illegal whaling operations, the preservation of marine ecosystems, and the protection of countless whale lives. With your support, we aim to take our mission to the next level with the introduction of our state-of-the-art Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV).

Our New Ship | The Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV)

While we’ve made significant strides with our current resources, having a dedicated vessel will dramatically enhance our operational capabilities. 

Over the past several years, we’ve designed an extraordinary patrol vessel – the Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV). This ship will serve as our high-speed harpoon interceptor, able to deter illegal whaling activities with unmatched speed and precision. At 60 knots, the vessel can rapidly respond to whales under direct threat from harpoon ships.


Our First Vessel – The APV

The APV is based on cutting-edge maritime technology, combining speed, agility, and endurance to navigate the challenging conditions of our operational areas. Our design emphasizes both functionality and environmental sustainability, ensuring that we can operate for extended periods while minimizing our ecological footprint. 

Your support will fund the only ship in the world that can reach these speeds in such a large patrol vessel. It can even outrun some of the fastest warships on the planet, like the world record holding Skjold Class of ships. The Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV) can reach speeds of 60 knots and greater, and do so at long-range, in excess of 1,200 nautical miles at 60 knots at 100% MCR. During normal patrol, here endurance is more than 10,000 nautical miles @ cruising speeds of about 12 knots.

According to official specifications from online, the Skjold class of vessels (which is considered to be the fastest armed warship on earth) can reach speeds over 55 knots and has a range of 800 nmi (1,500 km) at 40 knots (74 km/h). At 60 knots, we can go further, well in excess of 1,200 nautical miles (NM).

This rapid speed enables the anti-whaling fleet to operate without interference, making this ship incredibly valuable for disrupting whaling and marine poaching activities.

The Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV’s) Specifications:

  • Designed For: The Whale Defense Agency, Inc
  • Anti-Whaling Enforcement Officer Capacity: 30 crew
  • Staterooms: 8
  • Design: APV is designed in accordance with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Rules for High Speed Naval Craft and High Speed Naval Craft Code (HSNC)
  • Construction: Reinforced aluminum and Corten Steel Hull
  • Length: 196.10 ft. (60 m) 
  • Beam: 32.0 ft. (9.75 m)
  • Draft: (Full load; approx;) 8.3 ft. (2.51 m)
  • Max Speed: 60+ knots
  • High-Speed Interceptors: (Two (2) 11 Meter Craft (NSW)
  • Max Range at High Speed: 60 knots and greater for over 1,200 nautical miles.
  • Aircraft Carried: 1 Helicopter and multiple unmanned aircraft with ranges from 100km to 1,852km or about (50 nautical miles to 1,000 nautical miles).  The 100km drone has already been purchased, with plans for up to 7 more).
  • Propulsion System: Four (4) Rolls Royce Waterjet’s. 
  • Propulsion Arrangement: Two (2) MTU diesel engines, and One (1) MT30 Marine Gas Turbine providing the APV with over 50,000 horsepower.

See the APV’s propulsion system here.

APV Missions

The APV will be used in various roles that extend our efforts in marine conservation and anti-poaching:

  • Advanced Anti-Whaling Operations
  • Security for Other Anti-Whaling Groups (like the Paul Watson Foundation’s Fleet)
  • Harpoon Interception within minutes, with 100% assured disruption of whaling operations using the defense features on-board from water cannons to electronic defense systems and undersea drones.
  • Deterrence of Tailing Vessels and Deterrence of Continued Whaling Activities

The APV’s primary mission is to conduct advanced, complex anti-whaling operations and maneuvers at sea. Additionally, it will provide security for other anti-whaling groups and deter vessels from tailing these groups. Its role as a harpoon interceptor with speeds in excess of 60 knots makes it a formidable tool in our fight against illegal whaling.

The Anti-Whaling Tour

The APV will also participate in a Global Anti-Whaling Tour, visiting coastal cities and ports around the world to raise awareness about anti-whaling, and this is where you will also be able to claim your rewards for the kickstarter! These tours will allow school groups, the public, backers, the media, and other NGOs to learn about our mission and operations firsthand. These tours will allow you to gain critical insight into our ship, our future plans and how you helped achieved this historic milestone.


$1: Digital Thank You

  • Receive a digital thank you note from the Whale Defense Agency.

$5: Social Media Shoutout

  • Digital thank you note
  • Public acknowledgment on our social media channels

$10: Supporter Level

  • Enjoy a drink on the APV (travel not included)
  • Talk with crew and the WDA founder
  • Your name engraved on the ship
  • Thank you note from WDA
  • Limited edition WDA sticker

$25: WDA Keychain

  • Custom WDA keychain
  • All previous rewards

$50: T-shirt Level

  • WDA T-shirt
  • All previous rewards

$100: Tour Level

  • Guided tour of the APV while in port (travel not included)
  • All previous rewards

$150: Hoodie Level

  • WDA hoodie
  • Access to critical updates on the ship’s progress
  • All previous rewards

$250: Desktop Image Level

  • Limited edition desktop background image of our entire fleet currently in the design phase
  • All previous rewards

$500: Day at Sea Level

  • Join us for a campaign day at sea on an anti-whaling mission (travel not included)
  • All previous rewards

$1,000: Full Mission Level

  • Participate in a full week of anti-whaling operations on board (travel not included)
  • Bypass volunteer fee requirements
  • Personalized thank you from our founder and CEO
  • All previous rewards

$5,000: Event Host Level

  • Host an event on board for up to 50 guests (travel not included)
  • All previous rewards

$10,000: Corporate Sponsor Level

  • Your company showcased on our social media channels for the next 5 years
  • All previous rewards
  • Access to live video of the APV’s construction.

$25,000: Expedition Level

  • Exclusive two-month expedition to a remote marine sanctuary (travel not included)
  • Training to operate a small boat and engage in direct-action
  • Make a real difference with hands-on involvement
  • All previous rewards

$50,000: Legacy Sponsor

  • Personalized plaque on the APV
  • Exclusive private dinner with the WDA founder and crew
  • Custom WDA jacket
  • Private tour of the shipyard during construction
  • All previous rewards

$100,000: Founding Benefactor

  • Name a part of the vessel (e.g., a stateroom or deck) in your honor
  • Lifetime VIP access to all WDA events and tours
  • Private anti-whaling mission for up to 5 people (travel not included)
  • All previous rewards

Our Team

Some of the levels mentioned are only available via our website. The WDA team consists of both experienced maritime professionals, conservationists, and engineers and a passionate group of people dedicated to ending whaling. Our vessel architects and engineering firms we’ve contracted to design our advanced fleet of ships are renowned for designing high-performance, sustainable ships.

The operational team has a proven track record in executing complex maritime missions and campaigns and developing advanced anti-whaling enforcement tools. Our team has two designs with engineering firms for anti-whaling operations. 

These two vessels are the APV and the Barracuda patrol vessel. Both need to complete their design phase to be able to construct these ships and that’s why we are asking for your help to finish the critical design of these next-generation anti-whaling vessels.  Currently, our focus is on the APV. The Barracuda vessel will be focused on at a later date, and possibly have a kickstarter of its own in the future, for now, our mission will be to finish the design of the APV only.

Project Timeline

  • June-July 2024: Kickstarter Campaign Launch (coming soon)
  • July-August 2024: Design Finalization
  • September 2024: Start Construction on the APV
  • January 2025: Hull Completion
  • March 2025: Begin Internal Fit-Out and Engineering
  • December 2025: Vessel Launch and Sea Trials
  • February 2026: Commence Anti-Whaling Missions and Operational Training for the new APV
  • April 2026: Start Anti-Whaling Tours Worldwide

Outreach Tour Locations

The APV will tour various coastal cities and ports, including but not limited to:

  • North America: New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach, San Diego, Miami
  • Europe: London, (Bremerhaven, Germany), Amsterdam, France, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Naples, Lisbon, Dublin, Aberdeen
  • Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Australia and New Zealand: Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

Risks And Challenges

Building a vessel like the APV comes with significant challenges, including raising funds and managing construction timelines. However, our experienced team and previous successes give us confidence in our ability to deliver this project.

The Anti-Whaling Tour schedule will be carefully planned to ensure all supporters have opportunities to collect their rewards and engage with our mission. The major challenge once design is finished is to raise the funds and complete construction of the Anti-Poaching Vessel (APV). We have demonstrated that we can follow our word by engaging whaling vessels at sea with current resources and developing complex tools with engineers around the world to enable the defeat of whaling.

Now we need your support to achieve a historic milestone. Collection of kickstarter rewards in many cases will be entirely dependent on the Global Anti-Whaling Tour that will visit to Europe, North America, and elsewhere. Note: the collection of rewards on the vessel is also dependent on the tour schedule.

It is likely the vessel will tour the USA first, followed by Europe, and then to New Zealand and Australia, and elsewhere. Around this will also be our anti-whaling operations. Supporters should be cognisant that we cannot tour all locations in the first year, but that with time, all supporters will all get the opportunity to collect their rewards. With your support we can do even more!

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