The Kangei Maru

The Kangei Maru

All the information you need to know about the Kangei Maru and Japan’s whaling fleet.

The Kangei Maru Whaling Vessel Overview

The Kangei Maru was built to replace the aging Nisshin Maru by the Japanese whaling firm Kyodo Senpaku. Owned by Tokyo-based Kyodo Senpaku Co and costing 7.6 billion yen (US$50.1 million), the 9,300-ton ship is 112.6 metres from bow to stern and can haul 70-ton fin whales up its slipway.

Kyodo Senpaku’s ‘Kangei Maru’ Whaling Mothership Confirmed Details

These are the latest confirmed details about the Kangei Maru whaling mothership.

  • Kangei is Expected to be operating after a port stop in Tokyo to conduct its first operations.
  • Kangei Maru is Faster & Long Range.
  • Kangei Maru is covered compared to the Nisshin Maru’s flensing deck.
  • Kangei Maru carries drones with a reported range of just over 100km to quickly find and kill whales.
  • Kangei Maru has a closed slipway design.
  • Kangei Maru has more advanced cooling and storage facilities.
  • Kangei Maru has more capable processing facilities on-board than Nisshin Maru.
  • Some parts and operations from Nisshin Maru were carried over to the Kangei Maru before Nisshin Maru decommissioning.
  • 9,300-ton ship.
  • 112.6 metres from bow to stern.
  • Kangei Maru is designed and based on an existing commercial ship design.
  • Able to haul 70-ton fin whales up its slipway.

The Whale Defense Agency’s Plans for a Southern Ocean Anti-Whaling Campaign

As many are aware since last year (2023), the Whale Defense Agency (WDA) made an announcement on our website declaring an official campaign for the southern ocean. Currently, the agency has conducted vital intelligence gathering on the Japanese whaling fleet, it’s current plans, it’s future plans as well as the latest information on the Kangei Maru.

  • The Whale Defense Agency will assist in GPS tracking of the Japanese whaling vessels.
  • The Whale Defense Agency has begun looking for a used ship to conduct operations in the Southern Ocean. If you are a major sponsor or donor and would like to donate a ship, please contact us. You would greatly expand our work and reach for anti-whaling without question.
  • We are currently recruiting for whale defense operations. Contact us to join our anti-whaling mission and campaigns by emailing [email protected] or using our contact forms on our site.

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